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Closed Thanksgiving

We will be closed on Thursday, November 27 to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. We'll see you again on Friday. 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, November 24, 2014

Caramelized: Mosa Asian Bistro

Thursday, the beloved calendar date we are all itching to arrive, provides the time and space to stop everything — work and the daily grind, especially — and celebrate family. Whether around a table, in a football stadium, or over video chat, we collectively pause our routines to appreciate those whom are most special to us. Those who are the reason we’re here today.One family, in particular, celebrates and appreciates such values; not just on Thanksgiving, but every single day. It’s apparent as soon as you walk through Mosa’s doors on Poplar and White Station. You’re greeted by Michelle or Alex, most likely, and then you peek over the 25 sauce-studded bar to find the man behind it all: their father, Eddie Pao. He’s whipping up a fabulous lo mein that he’s mastered since beginning the business 37 years ago.Eddie and the Pao family represent one of the few long-standing, family-owned Memphis restaurant businesses that has sanctified tradition yet evolved through the generations. After sitting for coffee with Michelle, I witnessed her continuous commitment to updating the menus, refreshing the space, and perfecting the customer service that keeps diners on the meal plan for years and years to come. The face-to-face value creates loyalty, in my opinion. It’s why I love grabbing basil rolls and sautéed vegetables to-go, just so I can catch up with sweet Michelle at the register. It’s why my family deems it our go-to spot while everyone is out and about and in need of a centrally-located, reliable, and enjoyable setting for dinner.Just as we value the family dinner table as routine, Mosa seeks to be a routine, everyday experience for its customers. With its price point, menu variety, and Asian farm-to-table specials, you can come to Mosa on a weekly basis without getting sick of it or breaking the bank. Personally, I go between the pad see ew, shrimp and broccoli with brown rice, and mushroom lettuce wraps. Always a basil roll or spring roll to start. Dumplings if I’m feeling extra hungry. The dozens of choices are fantastic for families, large parties, or a party of one on a weeknight.The fresh vegetables, brought in weekly through a CSA program, are prepped for hours before the restaurant even opens. I’m in awe of Michelle’s description of her team’s day-to-day duties, which I hope to experience soon in-person. The bok choy and broccoli never arrive pre-cut. Eddie and his team hand chop the vegetables, formulate the 25 sauces, and prepare for catered affairs, take-outs, and tables seven days a week. It’s remarkable!For the party of five who has transformed customers into “family” for almost four decades, I encourage you to try the consistently delicious Pan-Asian fare, especially once Thursday passes and we’ll all be sick of cooking! You’ll be impressed with Mosa’s fresh focus. It’s about great food and great by Sophorn Kouy
Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, November 24, 2014

Dining WIth Monkeys: Mosa Asian Bistro

by Stacey Greenberg

Mosa has been on my list of places to go forever. The monkeys (Satchel, 12 and Jiro, 10) and I finally made it there last Saturday afternoon. Mosa was originally on Poplar near Kirby, and was opened by Mr. Eddie, who you may know from the old Formosa on Summer Avenue. (Sidenote: My sister, a few friends and I totally pretended we got lost on the way home from a field trip in high school so that we could go eat at Formosa. I have no idea why they let us drive ourselves. Do they still do that? Anyways, we all got suspended.)When Mosa was on Poplar it was one of those order at the counter and sit down places. Now it's a sit down place. It's in the shopping center near Poplar & White Station behind Bed, Bath and Beyond.Once inside, we saw several of our Midtown friends. Definitely a good sign. My friend, Mairi, even gave me a few menu suggestions, including the Thai tea.I was able to get Satchel excited about eating here with the promise of chicken wings. We did not see them on the menu, but thankfully I noticed we walked right past this sign on our way in.Both monkeys were hungry, so we ordered 4 wings of each flavor and an appetizer of dumplings. Jiro also ordered a kids' Teriyaki chicken and Satchel ordered the Niew Ro Mein, which is a soup. I ordered the Thai tea and the hot & sour soup as Mairi suggested.The tea was very yummy. The waiter said it was an orange spiced tea with half & half. No wonder! The dumplings were also a hit.We immediately had to decide how many everyone was getting. I agreed to only have one. After one bite Jiro said, "That's sooooooooo good." Satchel agreed that they were better than the ones at Fresh Market. (We get those to go and cook them at home sometimes.) After his final bite, Jiro said, "That was the most delicious thing ever."Next up, some spiced peanuts and a cucumber/pickle salad that we were told was the appetizer for Satchel's soup. How awesome is that?Then came the chicken wings. OH MY GOODNESS.I am torn as to how I feel about the sauce being on the side for dipping. On the one hand it makes the wing eating experience a little neater. On the other, it really just made me want to slather MYSELF in the Rainbow Panang Curry sauce. IT'S SO GOOD. SO. SO. GOOD.It's sweet, spicy, tangy--it's just everything all at once. I want to marry it. The Sriracha style sauce was fine, but it paled in comparison.The monkeys just ate the perfectly fried wings plain, which meant I got ALL of the sauce.We were still working on the wings when everything else came out. Jiro's kids' meal had a lot of vegetables. When I noted it, he said, "Yeah, I guess I'll eat it anyway." Ha!Satchel's soup looked great, and contained stew meat, which he loved.Jiro also wanted some of it and Satchel agreed to share after I agreed to get six more chicken wings.My hot & sour soup was just ok. It was a little peppery and boring after what we'd already had. I passed it to Jiro, and he ate the tofu out of it.Our total bill was $43.15, which really isn't bad considering how much food we ordered. We are totally going back. And I will marry that sauce!

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, November 21, 2014

Extended Happy Hour

Happy hour is now extended on Monday through Thursday from 5-7:30 PM and on Fridays from 5-8:30 PM. Cheers!

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Memphis Flyer Celebrates Best of Memphis

BOM 2014

Twenty years is a long time to do anything, but this Best of Memphis thing seems to be working out okay. The readers like it; the winners love it. We have a fun party. Since 1994, when the first Best of Memphis appeared, it's been an annual, momentary blast of positivity: Yay, you! Yay, us! Yay, everybody!(Never mind the grumpypants. They'll eye-roll and harrumph no matter who wins.)Now, over the years, there have been a select few who have being the best down cold, winning their category since 1994. They are simply better at being the best than anybody else. They are: Huey's (Best Burger); Folk's Folly (Best Steak); Sekisui (Best Japanese/Sushi); Buster's (Best Liquor Store); and Joe Birch (Best TV News Anchor).

As always, we thank our readers for participating in the Best of Memphis each year. Without you, there would be no Best of Memphis. And we thank our advertisers. Without them, there would be no Flyer. Much gratitude goes to Joe Birch of WMC-TV, Kelly Johnson and Jamie Chapman of Molly's La Casita, and Josh Hammond and Caitlin Belisario of Buster's Liquors, all of whom went above and beyond to provide images to use in this issue.

Best Chinese

1. Mulan

2. A-Tan — tie —Wang's Mandarin House

3. Formosa Chinese Restaurant — tie — Mosa Asian Bistro

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Veterans Affairs Council AMVETS Banquet Held at Mosa

The Veterans Affairs Council recently hosted a weeklong convention in Memphis. During their visit, the Taiwanese delegation hosted a banquet for 80 at Mosa Asian Bistro, as there were several Taiwanese veterans being honored. 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, August 15, 2014

New Saturday Hours

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, August 4, 2014

Memphis' Best Group Friendly Restaurants

While we’re all about an intimate table for two, we love getting together for dinner with friends – and Memphis is a great spot for group dining of any sort. With a vibrant restaurant scene that can go upscale or down-home, our list of the 10Best group-friendly restaurants in Memphis can help you plan the perfect get-together, whether for 10 or 100.Your first step, however, is deciding what kind of group dining experience you’re looking for. For an all-out Memphis experience, there’s no better spot that Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous, the famous barbecue joint that can handle 30 to 300. If you’re in need of a spot to host a gathering of business travelers, then Southward or Folk’s Folly are excellent choices, thanks to private dining areas and full-service presentation options. For a more casual business event, Ciao Bella’s lounge or Mosa’s patio are just the ticket, and perfect for mingling over drinks and appetizers. And, if it’s a special celebration for a group of friends, tryItta Benna’s hip Beale Street location, or Interim’s private dining room – both offer incredible service and food.Whatever the occasion, a combination of great food, attentive service, and a festive atmosphere are most important, and all of the 10 restaurants on this list will fit the bill. While offering an array of cuisine, all are local gems with solid culinary chops and a uniquely Memphis atmosphere.

Mosa Asian Bistro

A fresh -and we mean fresh -take on Asian dining, Mosa is a bistro that combines the best of Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes - noodle and rice bowls, curries and a host of small plates - in a casual atmosphere that rocks with the business crowd at lunch and families at dinner. Dishes are made to order, truly some of the freshest Asian cuisine we've experienced. During lunch hours, you order at the counter and take a number, and one of the runners will bring your food. The Pao family is ever-present in the kitchen or at the register, always making time to say hello and catch up with customers - and after just two visits or so, you can consider yourself a regular. ((901) 683-8889)

For the full list, click here.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, August 1, 2014

Memphis On A Budget

by Sally Walker Davies

Keeping to a travel budget may be easier in Memphis than it is in other cities, thanks to the city's already reasonable cost of living, a plethora of casual local restaurants specializing in inexpensive and delicious dining and plenty of free activities and free-admission opportunities at a number of attractions.

Memphis has finally flown out of the list of the top 10 most expensive airports, owing in large part to the fact that Southwest Airlines serves the city – so score one for those with their eyes on the budget. With the exception of hotels located downtown, most Memphis accommodations offer free parking, as do most of the city's attractions (one notable exception is the Memphis Zoo).

Speaking of the zoo, there's free admission for Tennessee residents on Tuesday afternoons. Even on regular days, the Memphis Zoo is one of the most moderately priced zoos in the country. There's no charge to explore Beale Street, the Danny Thomas Pavilion at St. Jude, the excellent Art Museum at the University of Memphis, sprawling Shelby Farms on the city's east side or the Center for Southern Folklore. The Brooks Museum, Dixon Garden and Galleries and Pink Palace Museum all offer free admission or pay-as-you-go days. You can even check out the Meditation Garden at Graceland at no charge, every morning from 7:30am to 8:30am.

Eating on the cheap is easy throughout the city, and you'd be surprised at how inexpensive some of the best restaurants in town can be. You can spend less than $10 per person on meals at Mosa Asian Bistro, Huey's and Bryant's. The city's famed barbecue establishments offer pulled-pork sandwiches for an average of $4, and a plate of Gus's Fried Chicken – including slaw, beans and bread – comes in under $7.Jerry's Sno Cones is another spot for cheap treats. Though sno-cones are the main attraction here, hot dogs and other snacks can be purchased for pocket change.If you like to picnic, hit the prepared-food cases at Whole Foods or Fresh Market and head to Shelby Farms or the riverfront to enjoy a gourmet alfresco meal.

While many of the city's attractions are downtown, it's easy to avoid the more expensive downtown hotels and still be close to everything. Rates at Midtown's GenX Best Western start at $103, while the Hampton Inn on Poplar Avenue includes breakfast and Wi-Fi for a rate of $104 on weekends. Top prices take over at all hotels during the first two weeks of the Memphis in May festivities and during Elvis Week in mid-August.

Source: USA Today

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, June 27, 2014

Mosa Wine Bar Now Open

Mosa Asian Bistro has redesigned its side room to include a full buildout of a bar with larger wine and beer menu and the upcoming addition of sake, new menu items of seasonal specials, heavy appetizers and asian fusion tapas as well as additional seating. The room provides a perfect after hours setting for groups, sporting events and casual dining. The main dining room and patio have also received a makeover of new paint, art and an herb/vegetable garden.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memphis Most Nominations 2014


It's time again to award crowns to the top people, places and businesses in Memphis as voted on by the readers of The Commercial Appeal. Memphis Most nominations open at midnight on April 20 and continue until May 5 at 9 a.m. The Top 5 in each category will move on to final voting starting May 18.To nominate your favorites, simply sign up (it's easy) and fill in the ballots for categories ranging from Dining to Shopping to Services. Nominations are limited to one per subcategory. 

Source: Commercial Appeal

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mosa Names Top 10 Best Gluten Free Restaurants

Title:  A Gluten Free Primer To Memphis Restaurants

Date: April 15, 2014

Publication: 10 Best

Author: Sally Walker Davies

Click here to read the full article 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Navigating the International Stores

Navigating the International Stores

Edible Memphis

Spring 2014 issue

by Stacey Greenberg

Photos: Juli Ec

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mosa named Memphis Magazine Readers Restaurant Poll Finalist

Mosa is honored to announce that we were chosen in the Memphis Magazine Readers' Restaurant poll as a finalist for "Best Thai Food" for 2014. Thank you to all who voted.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, March 3, 2014

I Love Memphis Blog's Preview of Soup Sunday

Excerpt from blog post: I (Holly) had the honor of going to a Soup Sunday Taste Testing Tour to get a preview of what types of delicious soup, speciality items, and desserts you'll be able to enjoy if you go to Soup Sunday this week. Clockwise from top left: Lobster and Shrimp Brushchette from The Half Shell, Greek Chicken Lemon Soup from Taziki's, Hot and Sour Soup from Mosa, Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes, Mr. Eddy's Favorite Noodles from Mosa, Chicken and Penne Balsmamic Pasta Salad from Taziki's. 

Read the full blog post here.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dining Wright

Title: Dining Wright: MOSA

Date: February  17, 2014

Publication: The Wright Up

Click here to read the full article 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Come celebrate with us. 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, January 31, 2014

Yelpers Name Mosa Best Asian Restaurant

Mosa Asian Bistro was voted the Best Asian Restaurant in Yelp Memphis' first ever Best of Yelp Contest!

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Fall Specials


Choose your meat: Veggie 7.5 Chicken or Tofu 8.5 Beef or Shrimp 9

This dish, named after our founder, has linguini-like thin flour noodles stir-fried in a savory soy sauce with a subtle pinch of garlic and freshly ground black peppercorn and sautéed onions, carrots, scallions, green and red bell peppers. Prepared mild, medium or hot.


Tender flank steak stir-fried with sliced onions and scallions in our Mongolian sauce. Prepared mild medium or hot. Served with white or brown steamed rice.


Jumbo shrimp seasoned with a blend of kosher salt, black pepper, minced garlic and scallions, lightly dusted and then flash fried. Served over sautéed Chinese cabbage and accompanied with a side of pickled Asian slaw. Prepared mild medium or hot. Served with white or brown steamed rice.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet The Chef: Alex Pao

Meet The Chef 

Alex Pao

Title: An owner, operator and chef at Mosa Asian Bistro.

Age: 29

Hometown: Memphis.

Who or what was your first cooking influence? I would have to say it was my mother. My dad (Eddie Pao, an owner of Mosa and a partner in Formosa restaurant) was at work most of the time, so I didn’t get that much exposure to the restaurant. But I learned most of the Chinese cooking from my mom (Charleen Pao). She used a lot of rustic ingredients. A lot of traditional Chinese dishes that my grandmother passed on to her. Family recipes.

What was the first thing you ever cooked or baked? Sunny side up eggs. That’s what my uncle taught my mom. My mom never knew how to do a fried egg until she got to America and he taught her that. It was strictly an American thing back then. Taiwanese people didn’t really eat sunny side up eggs for breakfast. They just usually either scrambled them or stir fried them somehow.

When did you decide to become a chef? I’d been going to UT (University of Tennessee at Knoxville) for a year. I spent a year back at home to help my dad really create Mosa. He was older at the time, so he definitely needed some extra support. We had to create a lot of recipes from scratch. He never knew how to make pad thai, pad see ew or any of the curries. ... It was totally out of his realm. As we were experimenting (with) recipes we found online, using that as a template and tweaking it to our taste, I loved it. I loved the chemistry of it. I loved creating something that was just delicious.

What is something important a fellow chef taught you? Being able to multitask. I wasn’t very good at that, at first. I think almost everybody, if trained a certain way, can handle more than they (think they) can handle, at a certain point.

Have you ever created something in the kitchen? A Thai cashew dish. It was Thai cashews, zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, carrots and your choice of meat, chicken, beef or shrimp. The ingredients were already there, but I figured we needed something that was Thai based, but not totally curry based.

What do you cook at home, if anything? A lot of grilled fish, like mackerel. I like Korean food because it really fits my diet. I’m going on this gluten-free almost pescetarian diet. So, I eat a lot of grilled fish, a lot of Korean kimchee fish.

What’s your favorite food? Vietnamese pho.

What’s your least favorite food? Raw tomatoes. Actually tomatoes and eggs, the combination of those two things. My mom used to cook that for breakfast. She cooked the eggs and sliced the tomatoes and put them on top.

Mosa Asian Bistro is at 850 South White Station Road; 901 683-8889

Michael Donahue, 901-529-2797;

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mosa Fall Specials

Come in to Mosa for lunch or dinner and try out our Featured Specials for fall. We know you will love them all! And don’t forget to order a slice of Mrs. Pao’s homemade cheesecake or a few chocolate covered strawberries!

Korean BBQ Beef

Tender beef flank steak served with sautéed scallions and sliced button mushrooms over a bed of crispy chow mein noodles. Prepared mild, medium, or spicy and served with a side of steamed white or brown rice.

Rainbow Panang Curry

A traditional Thai coconut curry flavored with lemongrass, lime leaves, and panang curry. Served over a vegetable medley of julienned carrots , baby corn, mushrooms, snow peas, and zucchini. Made with your choice of crusted grouper, shrimp, chicken or tofu. Prepared mild, medium or spicy and served with a side of steamed white or brown rice

Posted by Jacob Savage at Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mosa Closes Kirby Location

After serving Memphis for 7 years at the Kirby location, we have decided to consolidate our two stores into one to better serve you. Mosa’s White Station location remains open at 850 S. White Station for lunch, dinner, and catering seven days per week. Thank you for your continued patronage and support. We hope to continue serving you at our White Station location.
Posted by Jacob Savage at Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hungry Memphis: Rainbow Panang Curry

Our Rainbow Panang Curry was featured on the Hungry Memphis Blog! 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family-owned Mosa Asian Bistro continues success in evolving market

Our food was featured in the Daily News for our continuous success. To read the full story click here 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, March 29, 2013

Fresh Focus

Michael Waddell

Memphis Daily News

March 27, 2013

Family Owned Mosa Continues Success in evolving market

For family-owned Mosa Asian Bistro in East Memphis, freshness is the key to success.Alex Pao, from left, Eddie Pao, Laura Pao and Michelle Pao Levine run Mosa Asian Bistro, 850 S. White Station Road. The restaurant serves fast-casual food at lunch and offers full service at dinner with the same menu prices. (Photo: Lance Murphey)" style="color: rgb(125, 2, 0); text-decoration: underline;">Alex Pao, from left, Eddie Pao, Laura Pao and Michelle Pao Levine run Mosa Asian Bistro, 850 S. White Station Road. The restaurant serves fast-casual food at lunch and offers full service at dinner with the same menu prices. (Photo: Lance Murphey)The neighborhood restaurant creatively blends different styles of Asian cooking into customizable dishes, and it has grown steadily over the years thanks to repeat business from satisfied customers.Eddie “Mr. Eddie” Pao is Mosa’s founder and past owner of the Formosa Restaurant. He and his brother, Alfred Pao, opened Formosa in 1979 on Summer Avenue after immigrating to the U.S. from Taiwan two years earlier. Eddie Pao had been a successful filmmaker in Taiwan (and went to film school with Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee) but chose to move to the U.S. and switch mediums.“The restaurant business is an art to me, so I gave up the movies and started doing this,” Pao said. “(After we opened Formosa), we had a full house every day for almost 15 years.”Pao opened Mosa in 2005. Asian food has evolved over the past couple of decades, and one of the goals of Mosa was to find a way to bring the best of all of the cultures together.“In the ’80s and ’90s, what people came to know Chinese food as is your average strip mall, mom-and-pop restaurant with lunch specials, but it changed and became mass marketed and Americanized and became more of a ‘buffet world,’” said Michelle Pao Levine, Pao’s daughter who runs the front of the house. “That’s not how Chinese food is at home, and we knew that in order for us to have our business and stay relevant we had to evolve.”Pao works six-plus days per week and can usually be found at the grill, which has the capacity to stir fry vegetables in 30 seconds rather than the normal 15 to 17 minutes at home. In fact, the restaurant required three permits from Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division when it opened atLearn more about 850 White Station RoadTap into millions of public records, notices and articles on The Daily News with our ever-growing line of services.Try one of these to get you started:Property SearchCrime ReportNeighborhood ReportWatch Service" style="color: rgb(125, 2, 0); text-decoration: underline;">850 White Station Road to accommodate the gas needed to maintain the necessary 700 degrees.“It has very strong power. Any longer than 30 seconds and the vegetables will burn,” Pao said.Several other members of the Pao family also play key roles in its success. Pao’s wife, Charleen, prepares homemade cupcakes daily as well as cheesecakes and chocolate-covered strawberries seasonally, and son, Alex, and his wife, Laura, work the restaurant part-time. Vietnamese chef Ah-ton, who has worked with Pao for 26 years, runs the kitchen with Mr. Eddie.Mosa features fast-casual dining during the day and full service at night, but the pricing stays the same throughout. At night, the lights are lowered and guests can unwind with a glass of wine or a beer with dinner. When the weather is nice, customers can also enjoy dining on the patio.“This year, we may get local musicians to perform once a month on the patio,” Michelle Pao Levine said.Mosa also does a large amount of catering business, including daily corporate catering gigs.The menu consists of a fusion of Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese fare with a freshness rarely found in fast-casual restaurants. Mosa grows many of its own vegetables and herbs, preps everything each morning just before opening and purchases fresh vegetables and meats daily.Eddie Pao, right, Xin Lin, center, and A-Ton Huynh cook in the kitchen at Mosa Asian Bistro, 850 S. White Station Road. Pao, who started Formosa Restaurant in the 1970s, opened the bistro with his wife and children. (Photo: Lance Murphey)" style="color: rgb(125, 2, 0); text-decoration: underline;">Eddie Pao, right, Xin Lin, center, and A-Ton Huynh cook in the kitchen at Mosa Asian Bistro, 850 S. White Station Road. Pao, who started Formosa Restaurant in the 1970s, opened the bistro with his wife and children. (Photo: Lance Murphey)“Nothing is frozen or pre-packaged. Everything is extremely fresh,” Alex Pao said.The Mosa staff prepares 25 homemade sauces each morning from scratch, and every ticket is made to order.Mosa also boasts “the best hot and sour soup in the Mid-South.”“A lot of people come from out of town just for the hot and sour soup. It’s my momma’s recipe, and they say you can’t beat it,” said Pao, who explained he learned many of his secrets from cooking with his mom when he was younger.The Mosa menu includes primarily vegan-based dishes that are customized by combining preferred meat, heat, sauce and choice of brown or white steamed rice to any rice entree or meat and heat to any noodle bowl.“The main menu is updated every year, and the seasonal menu is swapped out every three months,” Michelle Pao Levine said.Mosa also rolls sushi rolls on Thursday nights, and it will begin serving Asian Farm to Table special dinners once the crop is harvested this spring and change the menu to include seasonal vegetables. The new menu will also have lighter selections for the Memphis heat like a new crunchy shrimp salad and a traditional Vietnamese sandwich called Bhan Mi.Giving back to the community is very important for the Pao family. Mosa supports local organizations and companies such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, International Paper, New Memphis Institute, Learn more about Ronald McDonaldTap into millions of public records, notices and articles on The Daily News with our ever-growing line of services.Try one of these to get you started:Name SearchWatch Service" style="color: rgb(125, 2, 0); text-decoration: underline;">Ronald McDonald House, Youth Villages and the Memphis Zoo through in-kind donations and fundraisers.“Today we are hand rolling 500 beef empanadas for a Brooks Museum event tomorrow night,” said Michelle Pao Levine. Mosa also prepared sushi for the 400-person event.Next up, the restaurant plans to renovate a small area adjacent to its main dining area with a couple of TVs and a bar for watching the Tigers or Grizzlies games or having a drink during happy hour. More Mosa locations are a possibility in the future, with Midtown or Downtown being the most likely spots.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kitchen to Table

We were featured in Norococo for our kitchen straight to table experience at our restaurant. To read more click here

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, September 17, 2012

Michelle Pao Levine is Something Good in Memphis

Michelle and Mosa Asian Bistro granted FOUR wishes last year for the Make-A-Wish local chapter by donating proceeds from lunch and dinner tickets. To read more click here

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, September 14, 2012

Mosa Asian Bistro Closes Kirby Location

We closed down our Kirby location! Click here to read more about why we closed it down.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Don't Know About You...

We were featured in The Wanderers blog! Click here to see why.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happiness To Go

Click here to see why Savvy Sunah featured Mosa in her blog!

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Friday, June 8, 2012

Norococo Tasted: Mosa Asian Bistro

Read the full blog here

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Curry and Cupcakes Make For An Excellent Lunch at Mosa

Full blog post here.

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Monday, January 30, 2012

Homemade Cupcakes at Mosa Asian Bistro

I’ve reluctantly come to accept that when I eat Asian food, I’m not getting dessert because I don’t like green tea ice cream, fortune cookies or sliced fruit. But Charlene Pao at Mosa Asian Bistro is changing my mind with her assortment of homemade cupcakes for $1.50 each that tempt even a dessert snob like me. I simply can’t explain how thrilled I was to see our server Michael Maxey waltz out a bin of cupcakes in three delicious flavors. Okay, he didn’t actually dance, but he seemed very pleased to suggest his favorite: red velvet. I went with his recommendation and couldn’t have been happier. The cupcake wasn’t too big or too small, the swirl of vanilla almond cream cream cheese icing was ample but not overpowering, and a sprinkle of rock sugar made each bite linger. We also tried the chocolate with strawberry icing (made with fresh berries!) and discovered chocolate chips hiding inside the cupcake. There were chocolate cupcakes with pineapple icing, as well, but they had to wait for another day. It’s easy to miss the second location of Mosa Asian Bistro, tucked beside and behind Bed, Bath and Beyond on White Station between Park and Popular. The original location is on Kirby, and my friend Leonard who eats there regularly gives that location high marks. Both Mosa's feature a fusion menu (Korean, Thai and Japanese). Our lunch before the cupcakes was tasty and affordable. I had a Jiao Zhe Bowl ($7.50), a signature entrée for Mosa that served up seven chicken potstickers (fat and steamed); homemade chicken broth; carrots; sliced Napa cabbage and a hot dipping sauce. Anna liked her General Pao’s chicken and the mound of rice alongside ($7.75). We shared an order of steamed and salted edamame ($3). Another nice feature of Mosa is that the menu changes periodically. New items on the current menu include a toasted crepe served with a black bean, edamame and corn relish (Yo Bing) and Korean BBQ Beef prepared mild, medium or spicy. Mosa Asian Bistro, 850 White Station, 683-8889 and 1825 Kirby Parkway, 755-6755 (

Source: Memphis Stew

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vegan Crunk

Full blog post here

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dish of The Month

Title: Dish of The Month

Date: February 2011

Publication: Health and Fitness

Click here to see the full article 

Posted by Mosa Asian Bistro at Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pad Thai, Dinner Style at Mosa

One of the few things I miss about my old office job in East Memphis was being within walking distance of Mosa.Pad Thai, Mosa, Memphis, Tenn.Mosa is a local chain (if you can call two restaurants a chain) of Asian diners run by the former owners of legendary Memphis restaurant Formosa. The menu tends towards Chinese and Thai favorites like crab rangoon, red curry, fried rice and Kung Pao.I had the veggie Pad Thai. The noodles were covered in a sweet, citrusy brown sauce and topped with cilantro and crushed peanuts. My partner in crime got the Dan Dan, which was a bowl of udon noodles covered in brown sauce and topped with mushrooms, carrots and cucumbers.You can pick your meat or tofu for most of the entrees. The best part? Most of the entrees are less than $10.For a diner, Mosa is pretty classy. There are big windows and plenty of space in the warm, dim dining room. There are two locations, both in East Memphis -  one at White Station and Poplar, and one at Poplar and Kirby. Mosa is open for lunch and dinner.

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